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Chinese Medicine Tips for a Flu-Free Fall

As leaves shift their hues, days grow shorter, and the air grows crisper, many of us are likely to catch that seasonal cold. Here are a few tips to remain spry and spirited.

Wrap Up with a Scarf

That scarf isn’t merely a chic accessory for your ensemble – it’s also a first line of defense against the chilly whispers of autumn. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the energies akin to a cold can infiltrate our bodies through the nape and upper back. A scarf safeguards these draft-prone areas from the cold and wind. So, when the breeze picks up its pace, drape a warm scarf around your neck and keep that cold at arm’s length.

Recharge with Sleep

Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us about the diverse streams of qi energy coursing through our bodies. One of these energies is the “wei” or “guardian,” acting as our natural shield. This guardian energy operates close to our skin, constantly countering external pathogens like bacteria and viruses. A robust guardian energy prevents these adversaries from breaching our defenses. One of the most potent ways to invigorate this guardian energy is ample rest. Heed your body’s whispers and ensure you secure enough slumber to sail healthily through the season.

Warm Up with Tea

The energy within our bodies owes much to our digestive system, and sipping warm beverages ensures our digestion remains sprightly. Sensing the initial nudges of a cold? Opt for a warming tea infused with zesty ginger and spring onion. Steep a ginger slice and the white parts of a spring onion in boiling water for around 15 minutes. This spicy and warming concoction might just fend off an imminent cold and warm your chilly autumn evenings.

Empower Yourself with Acupuncture

Acupuncture rejuvenates our body’s operations and amplifies our guardian energy, bolstering our immunity. A pivotal acupuncture point, “Stomach 36,” is situated on the outer shin, a few fingers’ width below the knee. Proper manipulation of this point has been shown to potentially amplify the count of white blood cells. Not only a preventive, acupuncture is also a formidable adversary against an ongoing cold. Instead of wrestling with congestion for a week, acupuncture might truncate your ailment by a few days. As temperatures plunge, remember to book a session with Meridian Care and tap into your body’s innate healing prowess.

Unwind and Revitalize with Massage

A massage session is not just a route to relaxation; it might also amplify the potency of your immune system. A recent study11 revealed that individuals who underwent a 45-minute massage discerned a surge in their white blood cells. These cells are pivotal in warding off diverse diseases. As the study suggests, a massage doesn’t only feel like a slice of heaven – it might be a dollop of health too.

Stay well.

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Chantal Hellevig

I am an acupuncturist, Chinese medicine expert, and a registered podiatrist. I studied Chinese medicine at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and in Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy of Malaysia. I have furthered my knowledge while working in Finland, China, Singapore and Taiwan with experienced doctors.

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