Meridian Oils

Avita’s essential and all-natural oils enhance the positive effects of meridian therapy in a holistic way. The oils are made by extracting the healing parts of Chinese medicinal herbs into high quality essential oils. You can use Avita’s oils in a guasha or acupressure, diffuser, meridian massage or bath.

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Herbal oils


Regular meridian massage with Avita herbal oils

  • helps to balance the body’s functions
  • evokes positive emotions and puts you in a good mood
  • helps energy flow more efficiently
  • help your overall well-being in body and mind.
Farnesol Magnolia -yrttiöljy
Precious, rare, exclusive

Farnesol Magnolia herbal oil

Farnesol Magnolia Herbal Oil contains 10 times the amount of protective Farnesol, with scientifically proven protective properties. Farnesol is widely known for its immunity-boosting, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties.


This herbal oil can be used to reduce the harmful health effects of fine particles, protect mucous membranes, eliminate bacteria and viruses, and relieve asthma and allergy symptoms. Farnesol Magnolia oil is also used to prevent vascular calcification and lung cancer, and to treat chronic respiratory conditions. The oil is suitable for use with Arome diffuser.

Main ingredients

Farnesol Magnolia, Guaiac tree, Ravensara, Niaouli

A less stressful everyday life

Hinoki herb oil

The constant rush, hectic pace and stress can cause long periods of anxiety and malaise. Essential Hinoki herb oil is particularly suitable for relieving stress, calming and balancing the body’s hormones and nerves. Its fragrance comes directly from nature.


Hinoki herb oil is used to relieve stress and balance emotions. It also neutralises odours and removes bad bacteria. During aromatherapy, the oil is also used to purify the air. The oil is suitable for use with Arome diffuser.

Main ingredients

Hinoki, Frankincense, tea tree, litsea cubeba, Herba Artemisiae Annuae

Energetic everyday life

Masculine herbal oil

Masculine oil is specifically designed for men to refresh and revitalise the meridians. This oil is completely herbal for a holistic wellness and stamina boost.


This herbal oil is used to reduce fatigue, improve stamina, evoke romance and masculinity, and facilitate the flow of blood and Qi.

Main ingredients

Setsuan sea buckthorn, juniper, hinoki, jojoba oil

Angelica Ardent -yrttiöljy
A rosy and fresh glow

Angelica Ardent herbal oil

Angelica Ardent herbal oil combines properties that will make you glow. The oil contains ingredients that improve circulation and mood. This essential oil is ideal for women.


This herbal oil provides warmth and relaxation. It also balances the emotions, restores radiance and vitality.

Main ingredients

Dang Gui, Setsuan seaweed, davana, evening primrose oil, jojoba oil

Forsythia Detox
Boosting well-being

Forsythia Detox

Orchid, also known as forsythia, has long been used as an effective, cleansing ingredient and to reduce bacteria. Forsythia Detox oil also has anti-inflammatory properties. When used daily, the oil also improves liver function.


This oil is suitable for daily use to increase the glow of the skin. It also relieves acne symptoms and fades scars.

Main ingredients

Forsythia, tea tree, lavender, aloe vera, jojoba oil

Huo Xiang -yrttiöljy
Well-being and beauty

Huo Xiang herbal oil

According to Chinese medicine, the human stomach is the most important organ in the human body and plays a key role in maintaining health. Proper digestion and absorption of food provides energy and vitality during the day. In addition to a regular diet and a healthy lifestyle, it is good to pay attention to the functioning of the spleen. A gentle meridian massage with Huo Xiang herb oil helps to relieve digestive problems. Huo Xiang Herbal Oil is suitable for every home and can be used to increase well-being and health.


This essential herbal oil regulates stomach function, soothes tired legs, improves blood circulation in the spleen and stomach. Huo Xiang oil also improves appetite.

Main ingredients

Patchouli, perilla, peppermint, mandarin, almond oil, wheat germ oil

Feeling relaxed

Nepenthe herb oil

Nepenthe herbal oil contains mainly valerian, which helps to relax. Valerian is said to be a natural sleep aid. Nepenthe oil is also good for calming the mind due to its cleansing properties.


Nepenthe herbal oil helps to relieve anxiety and stress. The use of the oil clears the mind and improves sleep quality. The oil is also suitable for relaxing muscles.

Main ingredients

Valerian, lavender

Vital Meridian Essence -yrttiöljy
Less stress in everyday life and holistic well-being

Vital Meridian Essence herbal oil

This is a multifunctional essential oil. It contains wormwood or moxa grass as the main ingredient and other herbs have been used in more than 20. The secret lies in the fact that this oil can be used for different meridians in the body.

Used individually, Vital Meridian Essence oil can be used to treat individual meridians. When used in combination with other essential herbal oils, it enhances their effect.


The body and mind are relieved of stress, blood and Qi circulation are improved and physiological functions are enhanced.

Main ingredients

Setsuan clover, argy-grass leaf, almond oil, wheat germ oil, ginger

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