Tips for looking after your health in spring

The season is changing! ✨️ 

As the season turns from winter to spring, we should adapt to the changing seasons to maintain and promote well-being. We can prevent disease and imbalance in our bodies by living in harmony with our environment. Each season affects our body, so it is advisable to pay attention to a few things. Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal and regrowth. We move from the darkness of winter towards the light.

Here are some tips for looking after your health this spring:

Take care of your liver

According to Chinese medicine, the liver is associated with spring. The liver is one of the most important organs in our body’s cleansing and regeneration process.

  1. Liver and emotions: maintain happy and positive emotions. Focus on things that bring joy to your life. Start a new hobby or an interesting project.
  2. Liver and eyes: take breaks from using your computer or phone. During breaks, massage the face and eye area.
  3. Liver and tendons: start your day with a stretch!

Pay attention to your diet

In winter, we spend a lot of time indoors and may eat unhealthily. Now is the time to renew your body from the inside out. Our digestive system in particular needs a spring clean. Liver energy is green, like spring.

How to improve your liver’s energy levels

Add these to your diet: fresh, green and acidic foods, such as green leafy foods. Foods that support circulation and body heat are also good for the liver.

Reduce these: alcohol, sugar and starchy foods.

Simple, small changes make a huge difference to your well-being. Now is a great time to start spring cleaning your body!

Video: acupressure helps calm you down and removes unnecessary energy

Kidney 1/Yongquan acupuncture point massage is a useful technique, also suitable for children, to release excess energy from the head area. It therefore helps to calm people suffering from anxiety, depression, restlessness or even sleep disorders.

Chantal Hellevig

I am an acupuncturist, Chinese medicine expert, and a registered podiatrist. I studied Chinese medicine at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and in Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy of Malaysia. I have furthered my knowledge while working in Finland, China, Singapore and Taiwan with experienced doctors.

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