Angelica Ardent herbal oil – to support women’s well-being

An essential oil called Angelica Ardent uses the herb Angelica Sinensis (dang gui), a member of the aromatic flowering plant family. Growing in the cool mountain ranges of China, Japan and Korea, this slightly carrot-like plant has been used as a fertility enhancer for women and has been an important ingredient in the treatment of female gynaecological ailments in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Angelica Sinensis in Angelica Ardent oil improves and supports healthy circulation, especially in the abdomen and pelvic area. The oil is also used to maintain menstrual balance, enrich the blood, promote circulation and treat blood disorders and menstrual disorders such as irregular menstruation. Angelica Ardent oil also has a calming and relaxing effect, which is why it is also used to relieve pain or during menopause, for example.

How to use Angelica Ardent oil

This oil is effective in improving blood circulation in the body and is therefore suitable for use on cold days, for example, to warm up the whole body. The oil’s effectiveness can be increased by using it during acupuncture massage or pressure, for example to relieve irregular periods and abdominal pain and cramps during menstruation. Angelica Ardent oil also improves fertility, blood circulation and calms the need for frequent urination. The herbal oil is also used to treat tinnitus, hair loss and osteoporosis.

Angelika Ardent -yrttiöljy Avitalta

Ingredients of Angelica Ardent oil

Angelica Ardent herbal oil also contains other herbs and oils, such as jojoba, Sitchianliper (Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong), davana, helichoke oil and other herbs. Helichrysum oil helps relieve PMS symptoms, among others, which some people experience before menstruation. The oil strengthens and balances the meridians of the kidney and bladder, which are important for reproduction according to Chinese medicine.

Chantal Hellevig

I am an acupuncturist, Chinese medicine expert, and a registered podiatrist. I studied Chinese medicine at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and in Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy of Malaysia. I have furthered my knowledge while working in Finland, China, Singapore and Taiwan with experienced doctors.

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