Learn how to take your own health in your own hands!

Meridian 101 workshops (online & physical) are an easy, effective & do-it-yourself way to great health, and you’ll depend less on synthetic drugs and antibiotics, and therefore do away with long-term harmful side effects. Meridian Care workshops are a popular hands-on learning workshop series that covers practical knowledge on meridian therapy, acupressure and guasha techniques with herbal oil application.

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Meridian Care workshops

These workshops are very fun & interactive so we recommend you to practice along with us during the lessons. You can even purchase the base oil – Vital Meridian oil from the webshop in advanced to start practising in the workshops already. Vital Meridian contains more than 20 naturally grown herbs and you can safely combine it with acupressure points to relieve many common health issues in your family. What you will learn are preventive healthcare skills that will benefit you and your family for a lifetime. Treatments are suitable from young to old.

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The workshops are mainly in English but the presentation materials are also available in Finnish.

Meridian Care workshop – Everyone

This workshop focuses on the care of our Respiratory and Reproductive (vitality) systems comprising the lung, large intestine, kidney and bladder meridians. Everyone wants to breathe well and stay at the peak of vitality and performance.

You will learn how to strengthen your respiratory system to relieve and prevent conditions like asthma, seasonal allergies, fever, sinusitis, cough and flus, alleviate PMS, menopausal symptoms, improve fatigue and low sex drive, and to stay energetic.

Meridian Care workshop – Detox

This workshop focuses on the care of our detoxification and digestive systems comprising the liver, gall bladder, stomach and spleen meridians. Our modern lifestyle and dietary habits necessitates us to keep our detox system at peak condition, 24-by-7, to purge out toxins naturally to stay healthy. Closely related to our detox system is our digestive system.

You will learn how to strengthen your liver function to enhance detoxification, improve immunity & digestive system to improve absorption nutrients from food, relieve constipation, indigestion, bloated stomach, and care for diabetic condition. Suitable for liver detoxification enhancement, liver illnesses, liver enlargement, cirrotic liver, liver/gall bladder stone pain, obesity (belly), hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, rheumatoid/arthritis, joint pain, stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, swelling, nausea.

Meridian Care workshop – De-stress

This workshop equips you with a full array of meridian acupressure massage and guasha skills, in combination with Traditional Chinese herbal oils for stress management. You will learn effective stress management strategies and skills to alleviate and prevent the abovementioned stress-induced health concerns, so as to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle in the midst of a modern life.

Common ailments due to prolonged stress include stiff and painful neck/shoulder, chronic headache, insomnia, interrupted sleep, poor digestion, PMS, persistent fatigue, outbreak of acne, short concentration, poor memory.
relieves stress, helps relax & calm down, restless children, depression, mood swings/ irritability, dizziness, stroke, heart palpitation, vomit, motion-sickness, pregnancy nausea, migraine, stroke, paralysis, irregular blood pressure.

Meridian Care workshop – Women

This workshop is designed for women who desire to maintain good health by caring for their breasts (breast lump, breast cancer, abnormal cells & tissues, firming & healthy breast). The no.1 cancer in women is Breast cancer.

You will also learn how to maintain a slim belly, slim thighs & legs, look stunning and radiant on the face, maintain a healthy digestive system, stay energetic and vibrant regardless of age, naturally through meridian massage and guasha with herbal essential oils.

Meridian Care workshop – Facial Reflexology

This workshop focuses on the care of all our internal organs through the stimulation of the reflex zones on our face. Facial Reflexology combines the ancient art of guasha with modern biotech herbal oils to combat the prevailing aging challenge of sag and stress. Beauty shows on our face when we have a healthy inner system!

Suitable for stress, headaches, menopause, strokes, facial paralysis, irregular blood pressure, eye fatigue, poor eyesight, tinnitus and ear infections.

You will learn a unique do-it-yourself facial massage technique to rejuvenate your facial complexion and tune up the health of your internal organs. You will also experience an instant radiant facial uplift on jawline and cheeks, reduced eye bags, dark eye rings, wrinkles around eyes and forehead right before your very eyes; presenting a youthful and healthy glow on and in you!

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