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About Share herb plums

Share-herb prunes, or fermented green plums, are used in particular to remove toxic substances (toxins) accumulated in the internal organs, but also to promote general health. The product has gained enormous popularity in China and many other Asian countries, and interest is also growing in Europe and North America.

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Product description

Share-herb fruit is mainly made from green plums, which are fermented with sugar for 4 months. Five natural herbs and plants (mulberry leaf powder, cassia seeds, semen pruni, yerba mate and natural carotenoids) are added at the end of the fermentation process. The product is not laxative, but supports the body’s own activity. The product contains no chemicals, artificial colourings or preservatives, only natural herbs and plants.

What are the effects of the herbs and plants used in the product?

1. Green plums are rich in calcium, iron, sodium, manganese and other essential nutrients and organic acids needed by the body. Green plums are a common fruit in China and other Asian countries. In traditional Chinese herbal medicine, plum has been used since the 400s to boost metabolism, purify the blood of waste products and for various digestive disorders.

2. Mulberry leaf powder contains several trace elements such as amino acids, vitamin C and antioxidants that are essential for humans. According to Chinese research, mulberry leaf powder has anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, blood sugar balancing, blood pressure lowering and blood fat reducing properties.

3. Cassian seed powder. Cassia is a legume that grows in North, Central and South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. The seeds are extracted from the plant and can be used raw or cooked. Traditional Chinese medicine uses cassia seeds to treat conjunctivitis and painful conditions, as well as dizziness and headaches caused by liver dysfunction. The seeds are also used in combination with other herbs to treat the liver, reduce dehydration and relieve intestinal problems.

4. Semen pruni powder is mainly used to activate intestinal motility, dissolve faecal matter and facilitate flow. It can also be used to reduce bloating and constipation.

5. Yerba mate powder combines the power of coffee, the health benefits of tea and the enjoyment of cocoa. The leaves of the mate tree, which grows in the rainforest, naturally contain 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids and a wealth of antioxidants.

6. Natural carotenoids. As antioxidants, carotenoids help protect vision and fight cell damage. Recent studies have also identified a role for carotenoids in maintaining the cardiovascular system and strengthening male reproductive fitness. Lycopene (a carotenoid found in tomatoes, for example) is known to promote liver, prostate, breast, gut and lung health.

Who is the product for?

According to Chinese medical philosophy, Qi (vital energy) governs the human body. If Qi can move freely in the body, each internal organ can function appropriately and in cooperation with each other. The production and maintenance of vital energy is influenced by physical exercise, the environment and many other factors, such as our emotions and the food and fluids we consume on a daily basis. Not everyone likes fitness or physical exercise. Lack of exercise causes digestive problems, especially constipation, and breathing problems.

In the digestive tract, most nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine, followed by the large intestine, where the remaining nutrients and water are absorbed. The longer the faecal mass remains in the large intestine, the drier it becomes. Dryness also causes constipation. To alleviate this problem, dietary fibre is needed, which is not absorbed but moves in the intestine as a mass, moving the faeces along smoothly and regularly. In our daily lives, we do not have enough time to pay attention to our dietary fibre intake, which is why we need an easy way to treat digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. Herbal tea has been developed for just this purpose.

The product has also been shown to help with weight management and particularly with fat reduction in the abdominal area. Abdominal fat, the fat around the internal organs, is the most harmful fat in our body. This fat is thought to be linked to insulin production, diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems and even certain cancers. Share herbal tea is designed to remove toxins from our bodies and help remove the fat that surrounds our internal organs.


Chantal Hellevig

I am an acupuncturist, Chinese medicine expert, and a registered podiatrist. I studied Chinese medicine at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and in Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy of Malaysia. I have furthered my knowledge while working in Finland, China, Singapore and Taiwan with experienced doctors.

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