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Chantal Hellevig akupunktiohoitaja

Chantal Hellevig-Lai lam

I am an acupuncturist, an expert in Chinese medicine, and a foot care professional registered with Valvira. I am specialised in holistic and integrated women’s health care.

My paternal family originates from Canton China and that is where i started my chinese medicine studies over 20 years ago. I have studied Chinese medicine at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and in the Malaysian Academy of Chinese Medicine. I have further enhanced my expertise in Finland, China, Singapore, and Malaysia, alongside experienced doctors. I am a board member at FinnAcu ry.


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Noj Louis

I am a French masseuse living in Finland. Having lived in Asia for 15 years, I treasure the idea of mixing influences and techniques from all over the World and integrating them to my massages.

I am delighted to offer tailored, effective massages that stimulate all the senses and address our customers’ specific needs. You can book a treatment through our online booking calendar.

Instructions for Those Coming for Treatment

Before your treatment

Acupuncture treats more than just pain. It can also help with a variety of other issues simultaneously.

Do not cancel your appointment if you have a headache or pain on the day of treatment. If you can travel to the clinic, these issues can also be addressed.

If possible, avoid taking pain or anti-inflammatory medications before the treatment, so you can better feel how acupuncture assists with the pain.

Eat lightly before your treatment. For best results, consume a meal 1-2 hours before the session or a snack just prior to it, ensuring your body has enough energy to maximize the treatment’s potential. Receiving acupuncture on an empty stomach may cause dizziness or lightheadedness.

You don’t need to undress entirely for the treatment. However, I recommend wearing loose clothing so sleeves can be rolled above the elbows and trouser legs pulled up above the knees.

You may be asked to show your tongue or the therapist might take your pulse. A Chinese medicine doctor is interested in the state of your internal organs, and these methods help determine the best treatment for you. Similarly, as in hand and foot reflexology, areas of the tongue correspond to different body organ systems.

Be prepared to answer some personal questions. I may ask you various questions related to your health and lifestyle.

Acupuncturists use more than just needles. Although needles are our primary tool, as an acupuncturist (with at least 5 years of training), we have learned many other treatment modalities under Chinese medicine, such as acupressure, cupping, moxibustion, and Chinese herbal medicine.

One treatment session often isn’t enough to resolve your ailment. Everyone reacts to acupuncture differently. Some people get immediate relief after one treatment but may need a few more to further heal the body. Others might require several sessions before they begin to feel relief.