Women’s health

Meridian Care specialises in holistic and integrated care for women’s health. Our treatments aim to restore the body’s normal balance to promote menstrual and reproductive health and improve fertility.


Raskaana oleva nainen peltomaisemassa

Your fertility is not just black and white, fertile or barren. Natural fertility can and does change over time. Treatments can help improve your fertility and increase your chances of healthy, natural conception.

Improving IUI/IVF
success rate

Raskaustesti on positiivinen

Acupuncture has been proven to improve the success rate of IVF treatments. Treatment that is closely synchronised with fertility treatments ensures that your next treatment gives you your best chance.


Vauva ja äiti

Meridian Care’s treatments are not only focused on getting pregnant. If you suffer from recurrent miscarriages, we can help with ways to improve your chances of staying pregnant until the baby is born.

Acupuncture for women’s health

Internationally, acupuncture has long been used to treat pregnancy, childbirth, gynaecological symptoms and infertility. Acupuncture has also become more common in women’s health in Finland, especially in the treatment of menopausal symptoms, menstrual problems and infertility. This section contains information on women’s health, childbirth, pregnancy, menopause and general health and the use of acupuncture in their treatment. If you have any questions about your situation, please feel free to contact us or book an appointment to discuss appropriate treatment.

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Hot flashes

Hot flashes are a sudden sensation of heat, usually particularly intense on the face and neck, and may be accompanied by flushing and sweating.
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