Pregnancy care programme

Meridian Care specialises in women’s health, and our range of treatments includes a range of treatments to support you during pregnancy. While conception is the first and most important step in overcoming infertility, the ultimate goal of our treatments is a healthy, live birth. Conception alone is never our ultimate goal, but an important first step on the road to a healthy pregnancy, culminating in a successful birth.

At Meridian Care, we focus on the whole process from conception to postnatal recovery. Once conception is achieved (either naturally, through in vitro fertilisation or insemination), our healthy pregnancy care emphasises four things:

  • Preventing a mishap
  • Balancing chronic diseases or conditions (e.g. hypertension, nausea, sciatica and diabetes)
  • Correct position of the foetus
  • Reducing the duration of labour and labour pain

Pregnancy care programme

Meridian Care’s prenatal care aims for a safe, happy, healthy pregnancy and birth!

Prevention of miscarriage

Optimally 1 treatment per week for the first 12 weeks: maintain pregnancy and relieve the unpleasant symptoms of the first trimester, including morning sickness and fatigue.

Healthy pregnancy

1 treatment per month for the next 5 months: stay healthy during pregnancy and relieve stress, back/back pain, heartburn, insomnia, headaches, digestive problems, gestational diabetes, carpal tunnel and other pregnancy side effects. Women who have had treatments have reported that their pregnancies have gone smoothly!

Easy childbirth

One treatment per week during the last 4 weeks before the due date: Treatments in the last weeks of pregnancy increase blood flow to the uterus, ensuring the baby is in the optimal position head down, and prepare for a smooth delivery.

After childbirth

One treatment per week for 4 weeks after childbirth: the treatment balances hormones, creates and maintains the necessary milk production, relieves postpartum depression and restores body balance. Treatments also provide an important opportunity to rest and focus on your own needs each week!

Contact us and we’ll work out a personalised pregnancy support plan that best suits your needs!

Acupuncture can help you too.

Acupuncture provides holistic treatment and is an effective and safe treatment for many problems and symptoms. Come and tell us what you need help with. I highly recommend you try Meridian Care acupuncture, which has helped many people. Welcome!