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AVITA herbal oils

High-quality essential oils to enhance your massage

Avita Herbal Oils are an all-natural range of high-quality essential massage oils that combine traditional Chinese herbal medicine with modern biotechnology methods. The healing properties of medicinal herbs are extracted into essential oils for use in acupressure, guasha, massage and inhalation treatments.

The oils that promote good health and prevent disease are the perfect refreshment for our body’s meridians. You can use the oils yourself at home using Meridian Care’s easy and effective self-care tips. You can read the treatment instructions Facebook group, which you can join if you wish.

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Meridian sandals

Give yourself a foot massage while working from home or at home

Massaging meridian sandals stimulate the acupoints on the soles of the feet and bring relief to many health problems. The massage stones in the sandals balance the body, improve circulation and sleep quality, and reduce pain, stress and headaches. You’ll feel relaxed and energetic all day long!

The perfect health gift for yourself or a loved one. Whole body wellness starts with your feet.

SHARE herb plums

Balancing natural food supplement

Herb plum is a versatile plant-based food supplement that cleanses the body, promotes elimination of waste products and boosts metabolism. Herbal plums are made from Taiwanese green plum and five natural medicinal herbs. It is rich in natural enzymes and lactic acid bacteria that increase resistance and revitalise the body. The product is not laxative, but supports the body’s own function. It contains no chemicals, artificial colours or preservatives.

Price: 28 €/pack (incl. 15 herbal teas, 2-4 weeks supply)

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Give a gift to a friend, relative or family member

Give the gift of well-being and health with a Meridian Care treatment gift card. A care gift card is a popular way to remember a loved one on a special day, or when you want to share good feelings and a relaxed spirit with someone you care about.

The perfect health gift for your loved one. You can order and pay for your gift card online. The gift card is valid for 12 months.

Price: 50-200 € per gift card