Akupunkio ja meridiaanit

Acupuncture can help with hormonal imbalances

Hormonal imbalance is a condition that can occur in both sexes and does not look at age. Hormonal imbalance can be associated with a lack of energy, reduced libido, infertility, irregular menstrual cycles, mood swings or even reduced growth in children.

Acupuncture is an ancient method of Chinese medicine that an increasing number of people are turning to for relief from various imbalances and illnesses. It has proved particularly effective in the safe and natural treatment of, for example, hormonal imbalances. Most of us are aware of reproductive hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, but there are other important hormones that are needed and may be imbalanced, such as adrenal hormone or thyroid hormones. The human body produces 30 different hormones, each of which is vital for health. These hormones are secreted by glands in the body such as the pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands. Hormones and glands work together to form a balanced endocrine system. A well-functioning hormonal system supports your body’s overall health.

Hormones act as messengers for the body, controlling sleep cycles, reproduction, emotional health, physical growth, metabolism, body temperature, mental health, immune system and energy levels. They support the relationships between different body systems, and when they are out of balance, the body does not function properly. Hormonal imbalances are more common in women, but they also occur in men. Imbalances are typically caused by poor diet, medications, health problems or synthetic chemicals. Acupuncture can be used to minimise the effects of these and treat hormonal imbalances. For women in particular, balancing hormones is important for menstrual cycles, menopause and fertility.

Acupuncture or Western medicine?

Acupuncture is a natural way to restore hormone balance, and there is research evidence to support this.  The treatment often has an immediate effect on hormonal balance and there are no side effects from acupuncture. Whereas, for example, synthetic menopausal hormones in women are believed to lead to an increased risk of stroke, heart attack and certain types of cancer, and often cause other side effects. Acupuncture is a very safe and effective treatment. By placing acupuncture needles on specific energy channels, a person’s qi can be redirected. In acupuncture, the condition of the person being treated is assessed during the treatment, for example by interpreting the tongue, pulse and so selecting the appropriate meridians and points to be treated. Based on this, a treatment plan is drawn up which includes the right meridians and points to calm the situation. Acupuncture directs the body’s energy so that it is able to heal itself. During the treatment, the client is also guided in the use of diet, exercise and herbal and tea products, for example, which enhance the treatment given.

Chantal Hellevig

I am an acupuncturist, Chinese medicine expert, and a registered podiatrist. I studied Chinese medicine at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and in Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy of Malaysia. I have furthered my knowledge while working in Finland, China, Singapore and Taiwan with experienced doctors.

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